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Storage of Hydrogen

Posted on: June 23, 2008

Various technologies are available for the storage of hydrogen.

High pressure tanks : Hydrogen gas can be compressed and stored in storage tanks at high pressure. These tanks must be strong, durable Liquid Hydrogen: It can be stored as liquid but has to be kept at cold.

Hydrogen combines with some metals, which can result in higher storage capacity compared to high pressure gas or liquid.

Carbon Nanotubes can store hydrogen.


For transportation, the overloading technical challenge for hydrogen storage is how to store the amount of hydrogen required for a conventional driving range, within the vehicular constraints of weight, volume efficiency, safety and cost. The performance lifetime durability of these systems must also be verified and validated. The main challenges are:

Weight & Volume: – The weight and volume of hydrogen storage systems are 

   presently too high.

Efficiency: – Energy efficiency is a challenge for all hydrogen storage approaches.

Durability: – Materials and components are needed that allow hydrogen storage

   systems with a lifetime of 1500 cycles.

Refueling Time: – There is a need to develop hydrogen storage systems with

   refueling times being very low.

Codes and Standards: – Codes and Standards for hydrogen storage systems and

   interface technologies which will help commercialization and implementation on a

   large scale and assure safety, have not been established.


1 Response to "Storage of Hydrogen"

What about using hydrogen with the water gas shift reaction and the Fischer–Tropsch process to make petrol / gasoline. The South Africans used Fischer–Tropsch chemistry years ago when they were subject to an oil embargo. While they used coal as a source of carbon monoxide instead of starting with hydrogen it does show that it is possible to use Fischer–Tropsch chemistry to make motor fuel.

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